Physics of electron-molecule collisions and laser-molecule interactions

We perform accurate ab initio calculations of electrons and photons interacting with molecules. This allows us to provide insight into physics behind processes such as radiation damage to DNA, dissociative electron attachment or photoionization of molecules with various laser fields. Our main tool is the multi-electron R-matrix method in its stationary and time-dependent form.

Latest news

AttoChem 2020

AttoChem 2020 Dr Jakub Benda has presented new calculations using the stationary (UKRmol+) and the time-dependent molecular (RMT) codes. Thanks to his work we’re now able to calculate exact 2-photon matrix elements for molecules and obtain accurate RABBITT delays and the corresponding 2-photon ionization cross sections. Dr Thomas Meltzer presented a poster with the resultsContinue reading “AttoChem 2020”

Quantum Battles 2020

We’ve participated in the virtual conference Quantum Battles. See the poster on RABBITT and multi-photon ionization of H2 by Dr Jakub Benda. This poster describes benchmarking of the RMT code for molecules and its capability to interpret, in combination with UKRmol+, the structures appearing in the time-delays. See the poster on Siegert states in electron-moleculeContinue reading “Quantum Battles 2020”

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